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Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank had always been a friendly and caring neighbor in the community. The bank had been around for a really long time—since the time when one could open an account with only five cents. But a bank’s longevity, while a strength, can become its weakness, enabling it to become complacent and irrelevant. Times change and banking changes; this was an opportunity for the bank to emerge from its conservative posture with a collaborative and compelling reason to bank here. The bank is a mutual and, as such, has always realized its unique opportunity to impact one’s financial journey for good—it was time to promote that differential advantage.


A recognizable leader in the Seacoast region, we helped the bank “own” all the visual and verbal language of being a coastal community bank. Playing on the bank’s name and recognizable logo, FMS helped introduce the community to a newly tweaked name and updated look for the bank with an animated logo evolution video and a special mailer sent to customers and nonprofit organizations the bank routinely supported. With a new look and better name, the bank was able to demonstrate a renewed enthusiasm to help neighbors and businesses “navigate life’s journey for good.”

An internal campaign included a gorgeous brand video featuring all the highlights of living and working in the coastal region. A guidebook for bankers outlined the characteristics of a “good journey,” helping team members discover ways to live out the brand in day-to-day banking opportunities.

Externally, clever marketing tools helped to set the bank apart from competitors as the longstanding bank for the coast, featuring vintage nautical illustrations and witty headlines that brought fresh relevance to the bank. The bank was able to have some fun with the many idioms and icons relating to the seaport area, and send a new message of being the bank that’s along to help make the great adventure of life easier, better and more enjoyable. Mortgage, commercial and private banking promotions were developed to continue building the brand throughout the coming months and years.


The brand launch was a big hit, maximizing Newburyport Bank’s 165 years of bank equity with a fresh new look and feel that coordinates all brand expression to build one solid message. The bank’s team enthusiastically received and embraced the brand vision, and set about immediately bringing the brand to life in the community of Newburyport, upholding a brand that is really making a difference and helping people and businesses “journey well.”