As experts in the financial industry with a passion for constantly learning, our leaders have had the opportunity to speak around the world at various national and international banking conferences and events.

As you know, a conference or webinar is only as good as its speaker. Ensure the success of your event by calling on Financial Marketing Solutions to learn more about how our speakers may assist you. Tim Pannell, president/CEO; Amber Farley, EVP, and Sean Hockenbery, EVP, have taught at Stonier graduate school, ABA School of Bank Marketing, ABA webinars and even the European Financial Marketing and Management Conference, to name a few. With clients around the country, they know banks and the latest industry opportunities and challenges. Not only industry experts, they’re great speakers too, with scores of rave reviews and excellent ratings.

Tim Pannell

Tim Pannell speaks around the country about branding, strategic marketing, mergers and acquisitions, training, motivating, leading and even organizing a bank. He has spoken extensively as a keynote speaker, participating in panel discussions, state and national conferences, and international business meetings, infusing each event with energy and insights. He also expertly leads strategic planning sessions. To inquire about booking Tim to speak at your next event, please contact FMS. Read Tim’s full bio >

“Tim was a wonderful speaker and kept me engaged the entire time. I would listen to his presentation a second time!”
“Tim did a magnificent job presenting valuable information. Very interesting and upbeat.”
“Tim was excellent. He gave me really good ideas to take back to the bank.”

Amber Farley

As Executive VP of FMS, Amber Farley is the industry guru on all things related to social media and digital marketing. Speaking at marketing events and on webinars around the country, Amber is a popular speaker and teacher, expertly explaining the often-confusing techniques and strategies of digital marketing in terms everyone can understand. To inquire about booking Amber, please contact FMS. Read Amber’s full bio >

“Amber was awesome and really knows her stuff.”
“Great to hear someone who actually knows about social media, present on social media.”
“Amber was very energetic and her presentation was very informational!”

Sean Hockenbery

As Executive Vice President of Financial Marketing Solutions, Sean is responsible for all aspects of client relationships and agency management.

His rich background in financial services, marketing and account services provides him with the varied tools required to manage and grow marketing relationships with his clients, his peers and bank marketers nationwide.

Sean’s in-depth oversight of clients’ bank marketing projects gives him a unique perspective. He enjoys speaking to bankers about developing strategic marketing plans, strategies for commercial banking, cross selling and content marketing strategy. To inquire about booking Sean to speak at your next event, please contact FMS. Read Sean’s full bio >