We’re the thought leader in all things social. Banks choose FMS for social media expertise, content, creative material and strategies, because we know how to turn bank objectives into thriving and interactive conversational opportunities.

We are the voice of social media for the banking industry. We are able to translate your brand across all social media dialogues, ensuring that your voice is consistent across all platforms. We can help your bank evolve as the social landscape does. With our user-friendly dashboard (powered by Gremln Social), you can even monitor, manage, filter keywords, setup custom approval processes, and archive your bank’s brand and all of your social media conversations from one place. Below are some of the social media services we offer:

  • Social media strategy
  • Employee policies
  • Social media implementation
  • Content strategy and development
  • Video development
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Social advertising
  • Employee training
  • Lender training
  • Consulting



Through meetings, calls and surveys, we dig deep into your bank’s brand to clearly under­stand who you are, your social media ob­ject­ives and goals, your infra­structure, re­sources, poli­cies and more.


We take what we learn in dis­covery and clearly define what your social media stra­tegy and social media pre­sence will look like for the bank. We ad­dress chal­lenges, opp­ortun­ities and any­thing else that helps ful­fill your bank’s social media ob­ject­ives.


Once we under­stand your social media ob­ject­ives, budget and capa­city, we then de­liver the best social stra­tegy and imp­lement­ation plan for your bank. From fan ac­quisi­tion and re­ten­tion stra­tegies to mon­itor­ing and arch­iving con­versa­tions about your bank’s brand, we’ve got you covered.


After the delivery is com­plete, we con­tinue to develop and culti­vate your bank’s social media ini­tia­tives. Through our dash­board, we mon­itor, manage, report and ad­just in real time to make sure that every time some­one exper­iences your bank’s brand on social media, it’s right.