Victoria Jamison

Victoria ticks all the checkboxes on the standard money hawk list. She hunts inefficiencies, keeps invoices going out and checks coming in, and uses her hefty magna cum laude intellect to keep FMS in the black. Victoria also has something that you don’t often find in such left-brained people: she’s really cool. And not just “cool-for-being-a-nerd” cool. She’s actually. Really. Cool.

She’s also wildly talented in areas far beyond her 10-key. She’s a creative writer and a voracious and experienced proofreader. As an HR rep, she’s likely to have your questions answered and your problems solved before you get back to your desk.  She does it because she cares. And she does it because doing things well is totally her thing.

3 things you
don’t know about Victoria.

  1. Growing up, most of my family members called me Phoebe, rather than my birth name. (Nope, it's not my middle name either.) Some still do. It was so prevalent that I had several friends who thought it was actually my name. I blame my brother for the creation of this moniker.
  2. Throughout my childhood, I would occasionally watch TV (entire shows) while standing on my head. The resulting long-term consequences of this remain inconclusive.
  3. I can bait a hook, shoot a rifle, traverse ice in three-inch heels, drive through a blizzard without flinching and sleep quite comfortably in zero-degree weather (the residual effects of growing up in Minnesota).


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In Her Own Words

What do you collect?

Books and rescue animals. Because if you've got a good book and a furry friend, what else do you need?

What’s a skill you wish you had?

Flight – I would love to have my pilot's license (or just a really good pair of wings).

If you weren’t a financial whiz, what career would you choose?

Private investigator. It seems like a job that would allow me to parlay various dangerous and bizarre on-the-job experiences into a series of novels. Perhaps I watched a little too much Simon & Simon in the 80s.

What’s on your bucket list?

Write a novel. Try hang gliding. Rescue a few more animals. Buy a house on the water – lake, pool or ocean will do, as long as I can swim in it. And maybe one more tattoo (but don’t tell my mom).

Top 5 Books

  1. Flowers for Algernon
  2. The Color Purple
  3. We Need To Talk About Kevin
  4. The Secret Life of Bees
  5. Welcome to My Planet (Where English is Sometimes Spoken)



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