Laurie Pannell
Brand Strategist, Partner

There’s industry experience, and then there’s “I’ve worked on about a hundred banks” industry experience. That’s the kind Laurie has. For an agency that solely focuses on branding banks, her ability to find the core, the essence of each individual institution has made FMS successful. And her collaborative spirit has made her a valuable creative leader.

Laurie is inspired by just about everything, and keeps the work fresh by traveling, painting and shopping voraciously. All of that distills into her ability to create branding ambitions for clients that they won't find anywhere else. Clients don’t just love that she listens; they love the way she cues in to the subtle brand language and personality that emanates from each bank, and then translates that persona into an optimistic and energetic brand culture. From there, her messaging inspires people and changes communities.

4 things you
don’t know
about Laurie.

  1. I mostly eat plants, but try not to be annoying about it.
  2. I can do a headstand and handstand. Not at the same time, though.
  3. I have a degree in English and art advertising, but was once an accounting major.
  4. I paint nude figures and portraits.


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In Her Own Words

Who are your heroes?

My parents. Seriously, they did just about everything right. Of course they aren't perfect, but they are super smart people. Everything good about me I probably owe to them. They encouraged my creativity, taught me to be independent, exemplified generosity and gave me confidence. They've even helped parent my kids when needed.

What’s a skill you wish you had?

Sometimes I wish I were more practical, rational, logistical, analytical and technical. Sure would be helpful.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Guilt is a trip I try not to take anymore. I indulge in what I love. Clothes. Disney. Turquoise. Beaches. Breakfast. Paint. Crayons. Travel. Yoga. Family. Music. Mid-century modern. Stripes. Swimming pools. Pink. Vintage toys. Holidays. Happiness. And I dye my hair candy colors when the mood strikes.

What was your first car?

It was a hand-me-down, maroon Chrysler Laser, which I practically totaled by not changing the oil the entire time I drove it. Thank goodness we now have synthetic oil.

Who is someone from the past you’d like to have coffee with?

I’d enjoy a coffee with Grandmama Louise. She was our matriarch. I think about her almost every day.

Top 9 favorite
modern artists

  1. Wayne Theibaud
  2. Bridget Riley
  3. David Hockney
  4. Picasso
  5. Matisse
  6. O'Keeffee
  7. Warhol
  8. Paul Davies
  9. Tenka Gammelgaard

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