Heidi Glick

Heidi is our wordsmith. She writes ad headlines, informs via press releases, explains in brochure copy, parses the language for television, punches the lines for radio scripts, expounds in white papers, grabs attention in direct mail and makes sure digital advertising always has a clear call to action. She also ensures every piece that leaves this agency is exact. I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

As a writer, Heidi has earned top marks. With a background in journalism, copywriting, web marketing, legislation drafting, proofreading and research, she writes the ticket for most any project that comes her way. She is a published writer who hails from Old Dominion University and the University of Central Florida.

4 things you
don’t know
about Heidi.

  1. I am a decent volleyball player.
  2. I was on the Suze Orman show.
  3. I listen to The Secret Garden on Broadway just about every day when I’m in the car.
  4. I try to meditate every day and would like to go on a meditation retreat someday.



In Her Own Words

What are your guilty pleasures?

Reading gothic novels, swimming in the ocean and getting tossed about by the waves, lounging in my fluffy pink robe and slippers all day long, eating cheese whiz on crackers.

Who is someone from the past you’d like to have coffee with?

I would love to watch my grandmother (who moved here from Palermo) roll tortellini in her kitchen on Christmas Eve.

What’s the best vacation you ever took?

Went to Paris, Brussels and Vienna. Attended mass at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Climbed the Bell Tower and the Eiffel Tower, and walked along the Seine River. Also met a Parisian dentist on the train who told us that he can spot an American by their teeth. Apparently, as a nation, we are very fastidious with oral hygiene.

What’s your favorite cereal?

Hot oatmeal loaded with dried fruit and nuts. Oh, who am I fooling…It’s a toss-up between Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

A Big Mac came to mind first, I cannot lie. But after more thought, I’d have to go with my grandmother’s spudini.