Crystal Sirls
Media Manager

Crystal is FMS’ gatekeeper, of sorts. All the strategy, the planning, the crafting—it eventually turns into pretty pictures and (hopefully) clever words. It’s Crystal’s job to get those words and pictures in places where the right eyes will see them the right number of times. She’s honed her placement and rate-negotiating skills over the better part of a decade, working on both sides of the client/vendor relationship.

Along with managing media relationships, Crystal finds other ways to pitch in, too. She’s a great researcher and one of those people who is dangerously informed on a wide variety of topics. She’s creative (a requirement to work here). She even brings in heaps of veggies from her garden, including peppers hot enough to inspire some of our best work.

3 things you
don’t know about Crystal.

  1. In high school, I interviewed Matthew McConaughey for our public access cable news show.
  2. I was in Hawaii when the Tsunami of March 2011 hit (it came all the way over from Japan).
  3. I am related to Annie Oakley.


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In Her Own Words

What are some causes that you support in your free time?

I work with Habitat for Paws, building fences for dogs that are living in poor conditions or would otherwise be tethered all day. I also support St. Jude Children’s Hospital because children deserve great treatment, no matter what their situation happens to be.

Who are your favorite artists?

I love Matisse. And I love old quilts made by women of the past. You can learn so much from antique quilts.

What do you collect? And why?

I collect dishes. At our wedding, everyone had a different vintage plate. Instead of registering for expensive china, I saved my favorite dishes from the wedding for special occasions. I’m always looking for antique plates.

Who is your hero?

My Dad! He was an incredible artist, painting many custom vintage hot rods and trucks. He could cook up a storm, and he fixed ANYTHING that was broken. He was always my best friend and the best guy anyone could know.

Top 5

  1. Beatles – Revolver
  2. Unified Theory's self titled album
  3. Bob Marley – Exodus
  4. Radiohead – Hail to the Theif
  5. The Steeldrivers – Reckless



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