Clark Hook
Creative Director

Don’t let the permanent bed head fool you. Clark is fiercely creative and unmistakably brilliant. He respects craft in all its forms, and that shows in his work. He approaches bank branding with a refreshing whimsy, using vehicles like patterned letterpress cards, glassine envelopes, hand-hewn signs, woolen beanies and even an occasional painted pie wagon. Yes. Really.

But he can never escape the intellect of the project. Clark demands that each brand have an authentic story told through a concept that is a genuine outpouring of the brand. The results are nothing short of amazing. He is in demand for his creative direction on every step of branding, lending his heightened awareness of branding systems and refined taste to build brands that are right for the bank, the purpose, and the people and their lives.

3 things you
don’t know
about Clark.

  1. I sang in a barbershop quartet on the Delta Queen riverboat in high school.
  2. I worked as a recording engineer before I went to design school. Country music o’ plenty.
  3. I learned to waterski on the Mississippi River.


Duluth TradingHarley Davidson  pixar Shinola

In His Own Words

What’s the best vacation you ever took?

My favorite “vacation” was the eight days I spent in St. Petersburg, Russia waiting to take custody of my daughter. Amazing art, history, architecture, food and fun with the love of my life.

What do you collect? And why?

I collect outsider art. To many, it looks like art that anyone can do, but I find it truly remarkable. Most all of the artists are self-taught, and they use unconventional materials and techniques—often because it’s what they have access to. My favorite pieces are those in which artists are doing the work because they have to. They are working out their faith, trying to reconcile something or simply airing their emotion. Whatever the case, I never get tired of it.

What’s a cause that you support in your free time?

My wife and I are big advocates for adoption. To be more specific, special needs adoption. We’ve adopted three children. Because two of them have Down syndrome, we’ve become very involved in Down syndrome awareness and advocacy. It has changed our entire family for the better. I’m happy to give you the long version of our story any time : )

What’s your favorite SNL skit?

Harry Caray - Space: The Infinite Frontier

Top 7 bucket
list items

  1. I’d love to learn to fly a plane.
  2. I want to spend time in Africa.
  3. I’d like to own an outsider art gallery.
  4. I want to take a trip across the country on a motorcycle.
  5. I want to learn to weld and work with metal.
  6. I want to visit the tallest buildings in the world with my son.
  7. And I’d like to learn a few AC/DC songs on guitar.

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