Amber Farley
Executive Vice President

The student has become the teacher. The teacher has become the industry-recognized expert. But we’ve always known her as Amber. It’s tough to stay squarely on top of a world that’s constantly changing, but when it comes to digital and social media, Amber does just that at FMS Social. She lends her expertise to all of FMS’ clients, and even educates other bank marketers at national and international conferences.

If her knowledge impresses, it’s her energy that really makes her a marvel. She approaches digital and social media strategies with a passion that excites and inspires. Yet despite the knowledge, the accolades, her status as an expert and her thinly stretched schedule, she’s as approachable and genial as the southern woman she is. We need her because of her brain. But we love her because of that charm.

3 things you
don’t know
about Amber.

  1. I was born 40 days early.
  2. I used to clog … and still have some pretty cool moves.
  3. I am a yard sale addict. I wake up at 6:30 a.m. every Saturday (that I am in town) and map out the best yard sales across town. I love finding a good deal, especially when it is vintage furniture that I can restore and paint!


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In Her Own Words

Who is your hero?

As cliché as it sounds, my heroes are my parents. They have been through a lot and still love each other so much. They’ve both worked so hard to provide for our family.

If you won the lotto, what would be your first splurge?

I’d pay off debt, book an extended trip to Europe and donate some to charity. THEN … I would buy The Bluebird in Nashville, Tennessee so that I could listen to great music everyday and meet all of the up-and-coming talent that comes out of that place.

Who is your celebrity crush?

The funny part is that you expect me to pick just one. Based purely on physique—Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. But I would choose to hang out with Jimmy Fallon for a day over pretty much any other celebrity.

Who is someone from the past you'd like to have coffee with?

Frank Sinatra, but the caveat is that he would have to sing the entire time. No coffee for him.

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