Our Process

We have refined our process to be quite simple. We listen first, and then seek to understand. We uncover your brand, enhance it, create effective campaigns to maximize your opportunities and provide you with a to-the-penny budget upfront. It’s a collaborative journey that’s always an adventure.


Through meetings, surveys, focus groups and research, we dig deep to understand your bank’s mission, vision, passion, values, personality, perception and brand personality.


We take what we learn from discovery and help the bank clearly define its brand. We write your story, tell your brand promise and outline core values to articulate the brand in a memorable way to your team.


Once we all understand and agree on the brand, we build all of the internal and external elements to deliver the beautiful, strategic new brand into the world, on time and on budget.


After delivery, the brand isn’t complete. It’s a living, growing thing. So we continue to develop the brand. We watch, report, adjust and evolve the brand experience, and help your brand grow and thrive.